Nearsoft Development Company

Binational company, Mexico and the United States. Created from the need to provide first class services in the technological environment.

Web & Mobile Develop

Our product is the software development in different technologies, such as Ruby on Rails, Oracle Java, LAMP, Mobile Platforms and Microsoft .Net, all supported by a cloud infrastructure.

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Our customer was managing a lot of the daily work using Microsoft Excel files, which at the beginning was ok. After time and increasing the daily transactions, it was noticed that access to data was slow, inconsistent and error prone.

Our Solution: We recommended an automated process to upload the excel files sent by a Chinese customer to the new web application platform. Then create a database to organize the data in categories to efficiently manage the workflow.

Measurable Results: From 6 to 8 hours of manual work per day, this was reduced to 30 minutes including data entry and validations according to a set of requirements previously done by a person.


A customer wanted to offer more than the regular Uber service, something from women to women, easy to use, safe and reliable.

Our Solution: We created a mobile app to request taxi ride with fixed rates, ability to select driver and new fields for personal information. Based on your current position, it suggest you the closer driver to you or allows you to select any other driver.


PetClub allows you to contact pets who are like you, love to go for a walk, and are willing to hangout, go running, walking, swimming, for an ice cream, go out to have fun in the company of new people.